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Eliot Nadel

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Eliot Nadel Empty Eliot Nadel

Post  Mouthful of Pi on Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:47 am

Name: Eliot Nadel

Age: 16

Height: 6'1

Weight: 150 pounds

Personality: Eliot is something of a love freak: He will fall in love with anyone. He is a nice guy, and he always tries to be polite. He does occasionally overreact. He is an extreme pacifist, and won't fight except to defend himself or someone else.

History: His parents are both priests of a sect of the church of Eve. Their church believed that Codes were given to humans to make the world better, and promoted such use. They had a large library of codes, but only gave them to people to help others, never to cause harm. Some people disagreed with that. A group of them attacked the church, and killed Eliot's parents, taking the codes. Eliot managed to salvage one, but he has made it his mission to protect others from people who would misuse Eve's gift.

Character Image/Description: At exactly six feet two, Eliot's a little tall for his age. He has fairly long blue hair, mostly because he hates the barber's shop (He's worried about getting his ears chopped off.) He usually dresses in formal styles, usually wearing a tuxedo vest, button up shirt, tie, slacks, and dress shoes. He always wears a pair of pink heart-shaped sunglasses, and has uncommonly large blue eyebrows. Finally, he has a pair of kitty ears stuck to his head that he accidentally glued there.
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