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Post  Raiko Sigma on Sat Jul 02, 2011 10:29 pm

The world was once a bleak and dark nothingness. Only one being existed, that being was the begining of everything. Code Eve was the name she was given.She created the physical world in which all humans dwell, making it of many colors. It was a time filled with nothing but peace. Over the course of 3000 years humans stopped advancing by themselves. they had reached as far as they could go by themselves so Code Eve brought forth codes they allowed the humans to abtain powers and continue advancing. For another 5000 years the world new peace and prosperiety then darkness began seeping into the hearts of the humans. They began using codes to fight among themselves often causing great damage. Soon full scale wars bloomed all over the world and the struggle for Code Eve's power began.
The wars continued for 1000 years, tired of the carnage Code Eve left the world she had created. Without Code Eve's presense driving peoples fuel for power the wars calmed down within 500 years. Code Eve has Yet to return to the world and many beleive that one day she will. !400 years after the war the promised day has finnally arrived Code Eve Has returned.Will you fight to protect her power or will you try to bend it to your will?

Raiko Sigma

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